Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Guilty and the Not Guilty

Our family is thankful to the prosecutors, detectives, and jury for giving Jace the justice he deserved.  There are so many things we could say, and Thank You can never be enough.

I have tried to be very careful all along not to say anything about Cody Sartin on here or facebook.  I did want to inadvertently give the defense any ammunition or say anything "wrong."  I think that some things now deserve to be said publicly, and I think I will probably use this blog to say them in the near future, but there is someone else that deserves my attention more.

I have gone through every emotion toward my sister during the last two years. I have been mad at her, sad for her, blamed her, forgiven her, but every minute I have loved her.

She has had to listen to criticism from people who do not know the whole story.  Even today there are comments on news stories that say she should be held accountable too.  She was naive.  She made mistakes.  She didn't listen to her smarter older sister, but here is the difference between her and the man who was just found guilty. 

She admits to every mistake she made.  She accepts responsibility.  She feels remorse.

While Jace was dying in the hospital, she begged God to let her trade places with her son.  Meanwhile, Cody Sartin went to our house and stole our TV.

I could tell you a lot about the ways she was lied to and manipulated, but I don't have the energy this minute. I think a lot of "smart" people including myself could have found themselves in this situation. She was also a victim. 

I have never been more proud of my sister than when she brought Jace home to live with us and took care of him.  She saved his life.  I am proud of her now too.  For the way she has handled herself in the midst of a waking nightmare.  She handled herself with grace and strength and as a picture of the power of God to restore, heal, and make beauty from ashes. 

Life will probably always be hard for us, but hard is not synonymous with bad.  I know Leslie will continue to make Jace and the rest of her family proud. 


  1. Tears of joy for you and your family, Stacey. Your sister's heartache can't really be put into words, but she needs to know that others (like me who don't even know her) have prayed for her and are so thankful that this one step in her life's journey is now behind her. That doesn't erase the pain. Only God can heal, but she'll never forget Jace. He is a part of her ~ and of you. I'm so thankful that you guys all leaned strongly on God and on your family and friends. Justice came, so now the healing can slowly begin. Let her know that she's a hero for saving Jace that day when she brought him into your home.

  2. Cody Sartin is a psychopath that preyed on women and had no regard for life. His history of abusing children is beyond comprehension, but the murder of a helpless three year old child makes him a person that does not belong in society. Jace Burgess could not escape the beating that was inflicted that would ultimately lead to his death and during his final minutes of his life he was looking into the eyes of the person that was supposed to have loved him. We, the jurors, have no remorse for the verdict rendered, but are very saddened that Jace Burgess did not have a chance to grow up and reach his full potential in life.

  3. The above comment from a juror makes my heart swell!!! As we sit in the chairs and watch all the testimonies, etc., we have no way of knowing what the jury is thinking. We assume that most people see from the information delivered exactly what we see, but we can't know for sure what the jury believes. I want to thank the jury for listening, evaluating, and making a decision that makes such a difference for the Burgess family. I applaud you for your respect for the life of Jace and seeing the injustice he endured at the hands of evil. The family may never have complete closure, but they do have the satisfaction of knowing their precious boy did not die in vain and that justice was served. We as friends of the family tried to never pray for revenge, but for justice, and through you, our prayers were answered. God Bless each of you!

  4. As citizen and I was there for only part of the trial, I would like to know why Mr. Sartin's family was not allowed to testify? I just learned today that there were witnesses that were never called. Any thoughts? I can only imagine what everyone went through and little Jace. My prayers are with everyone.

  5. I can only speculate why the defense did not call more witnesses to testify. I imagine that there were questions that would have been asked of his family in cross examination that the defense would not have wanted to be answered.

  6. Stacey you probably hit the nail on the head. They weren't there and that was the defense Cody went with. He was in control and he chose it. They were never endorsed as witnesses, and never saw the event. Why would they testify though. Two poor children harmed by this creep, I am glad he will never get out.

  7. Sorry for your loss, I couldn't imagine. Glad he will not be able to harm more children..Stay strong, remember Jace everyday, be an advocate for abuse.. Do it all for little Jace. Prayers for your entire family.

  8. The family members of the defendant were not called to testify as they could only be called as a character witnesses. The final argument of the defense was that of the timing of the bruises of which the prosecuting attorney, Sarah McAmis, was successful, if not brilliant, in getting Dr. Christopher Sorrels to state that it was possible that the bruising happened in the three hour time period between June 12th and 13th. And as I previously stated, Cody Sartin had no regard for life and from the facts given I can't imagine that his character would have helped his defense. May God bless this precious little boy who has touched the lives of 12 people that did not know of him prior to the trial.

  9. I have to look at this low life everyday while providing medical care to him and it sickens me

  10. What caused you to allow such a man into your life? Was your judgement askew at that point in your life?

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